Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday wk 16 (extended):

Welcome to another week of whimsy (join in the play & add your submission below)
Submissions are open until 1am on Tuesday March 15th (Central Standard) 
Also, note last week's Wizard of Whimsy in the side bar over yonder ------

I'm going on vacation 
so you all have two weeks to submit your whimsy
feel free to add more than one submission!

in the meantime ~ come visit my daily blog 
(you can also submit your whimsy or digital art on that site as well)

ALSO: check out the new "Whimsy Watch" on the right sidebar 
& all the great NEW submission sites under the "sites to see" tab above

(clicking on the "add your link" will allow you to add your URL & name - email will never be given out - ever - I only use it to notify winners. You can then easily add your thumbnail image - check the "crop" feature before you submit)
More questions: see "How do I play?" tab at the top of the blog.