How do I play?

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"When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults."
~ Brian Aldiss

So, let the childhood live on. Welcome to the space I created to bring a bit of lighthearted delight into the world. I hope you will join in.

Here's the deal:
Each Wednesday @ 12:01am I will post a bit of whimsy to enjoy.

Through the week you are invited to add your own (kid-friendly) playful creations
(any medium welcome)
All you have to do is add your link to the viewer in the post. Also, kids are welcome to join - if you are a parent, consider setting up a blog they can upload their creations to and then share it with us.

Each week I will post a link viewer through which you can add your creativity for others to see (please only link the individual post and not your whole blog). I have also included a voting option each week - on TUESDAYS you will have from 1am to 9pm (US Central Time) to vote on who should be The Wizard of Whimsy for the week (note - you can vote twice but not for yourself - after "Tally Tuesday" I will announce the results on Wednesday with the new invitaion to post.

You can follow this blog @
or find me on twitter: dthaase
     (I will be using the hash tag #whimwed - feel free to use it as well when you tweet)
or join our facebook page here: Web of Whimsy

Let me know of any fun ideas you have to add to the play: webofwhimsy[at]
See my contact page here

What counts as whimsy? - click here

The common human experience is suffering - sorrow and sadness mark much of the world. My invitation is to bring a bit of delight into the despair. I spend a lot of time with children and in turn they have taught me how to play. So, come and join the fun.

"Laugh as often as possible. You must. Because the world will offer you every reason to weep. So as often as possible, you laugh. That, I think, is part of the Great Love."
~ Maya Angelou