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~ dt.haase ~  my "daily" blog
smART art collective - a submission site for digital art
The I Wonder Chronicles - enter the warren of wonder & whimsy
red bubble - come and see my whimsical creations

A Splotch Monster A Day - amazing what kind of creatures can be found in a splotch of paint - try some yourself
Blind Contour Friday - a weekly submission site for blind contour drawing
Bookie Woogie - three kids and their dad talk about books
Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty - the kids of Bookie Woogie share their art
Constant Chatter (wk 2 Wizard of Whimsy)
Designing Fairy - the whimsical art & comforting words of Ronni Ann Hall (wk 6 Wizard of Whimsy)
Dig This Art - the fun, funky & whimsical art of Paula Radl (wk 9 Wizard of Whimsy)
Doodle Design - the world as Bazaar Et doodles it (wk 8 WIzard of Whimsy)
Esther Toni - illustration student from the Netherlands (wk 5 Wizard of Whimsy)
Gellatinous Laser - I love this blog's simple style and wonderful watercolors
Ghost Kitten Design (wk 4 Wizard of Whimsy) - the wonderful lines, painting, collage, etc. of Nicole Piar
Gise Design - delightful design work here
Indexed - a daily post of simplified thought on an index card
Ivy All Over - marvelous mix media
I Wonder Chronicles - illustration prompts to help promote creativity & literacy
Kristin Dudish (wk 11 Wizard of Whimsy) - her blog of art and stuff (she's a creative to the core)
Loop de Loops in La La Land (wk 1 Wizard of Whimsy) - her blog title says it all
Lynn Platow - IF related graphic design
Merry Day - a graphic designer with a lovely style
MissBoom (wk 3 Wizard of Whimsy)
miz katie dot com (wk 14 Wizard of Whimsy)
murmurkacang (wk 7 Wizard of Whimsy)
Peggy Gatto (wk 13 Wizard of Whimsy) - a creator of mixed-up art
Pop Art Minis (wk 15 Wizard of Whimsy) - the whimsically fun art of Joni Nickrent
Silvergum Studio (wk 10 Wizard of Whimsy) - the glass & illustration blog of Gay McKinnon
Sloane Solanto (wk 12 Wizard of Whimsy) - a delightful & colorful blog of whimsy-filled creations
Whimsical Paintings - A collection of fine artists who are making their art accessible to enthusiasts and collectors with a love of colorful, whimsical fine art.