more whimsy

These are longer running whimsical adventures for you to join in...come back often to see where the whimsy takes us...(let me know of a list you would like to start - NOTE: other forms of art than these below should be posted on the main blog page weekly: illustrations, paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed-media, etc...) Keep posts kid-friendly.

Our Dictionary of Whimsicality: add words of whimsy and their definitions to the list
Quotes of Whimsy: add some whimsical quotations
Whimsical Reads: add to the list of whimsical books

POETRY (each poem will be active for 1 month)
Our Poem of Whimsical Pursuit: volume 1 (add a line to our growing poem)

STORY (each story will be active for 3 months)
Our Story of Whimsical Wonder: volume 1 (add even longer lines to our growing story)

MUSIC (a year-long list of whimsical melody)
Whimsy I've Heard Sung (know a whimsical song to share)

Watching Whimsy (let us know about a whimsical movie to see)

Our Whimsical Recipes (a list of whimsical food)

On A Whim (whimsy that defies an above category)